Dungeon Crawlers Club Tee on TeeFury

Over at TeeFury, there’s fantastic tee by Azafran titled Dungeon Crawler’s Club that pays homage to old school gaming. It comes in three colors (military green, black, dark chocolate) and is available in various men, women, and child size/cuts for $17 each. This is a fantastic old school gamer pride tee that even has the phrase “In Gygax We Trust”.  As one of the founding fathers of our hobby today, this is pretty contentious phrase and serves to remind us that not all games should be just about the hack and slash and dungeon-crawling, but engaging in fun and camaraderie. As this article published on Wired back in 2008 says:

“He is leading players through a campaign … [a]s the game progresses, Gygax veers from the scenario into a series of entertaining digressions. When the group enters a pub, he recites lines from Monty Python. As they learn of nearby river caves that may house treacherous beasts, he describes a dream he had in which an African elephant was chasing him around his backyard. At one point, he breaks into a spontaneous rendition of the song, “Too Fat Polka (I Don’t Want Her, You Can Have Her, She’s Too Fat for Me).” One or two brave members of his party join in.” – David Kushner, Wired 2008

Below, you can see a larger version of the tee design:

The tee design (TeeFury)

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