Editorial: Origins LiveBlog 2015

OSRToday will be attending Origins 2015 starting tomorrow, Wednesday June 3, 2015. Posts for the site will continue, but information about the convention will be updated on a dedicated LiveBlog page made just for the actual convention. The LiveBlog page will continue to be updated multiple times throughout the day, so make sure to check it out throughout!

This is a bit of an experiment, but also a great way for those who have never attended the convention to get a glimpse into what goes on during it. While much of the focus of the convention has shifted to other tabletop products beyond roleplaying games, there is still a roleplaying game presence here, and a lot of products that will be of interest to old school gamers.

I’ve kept my schedule pretty open, but it’s moderated a little by what my kids want to do (one of them is volunteering as well), and so I may not hit all of the highlights such as the Smithees or the Origin Awards themselves. For things like that I may end up relying on second-and accounts from other bloggers to fill in gaps. Much of my time will be spent wandering halls, saying hello to various industry people, and connecting with a large number of old school gamers that I know are attending and that I’ve been meaning to catchup with in meatspace for a while.

If you’re going to be there, make sure to look for me (the one in the OSRToday gear displayed in the picture below) and say hello. If you’re up for having your photo taken and/or just sharing what old school goodness you’re getting up to, then I’d love to be able to share that.

Badger Convention Gear, appropriately colored.


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