Running Dungeons & Dragons 5e Old School

Over at Ubiquitous Rat, the Ubiquitous Rat himself posts about using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition [AL] along with Barrowmaze Complete [AL] to perform old school play. Using some 0-Level rules that he also created, he used some house rules to make the game more like a number of the classic fantasy roleplaying games, which is something that the new edition handles easily and encourages through a number of the options presented in the Dungeon Masters Guide [AL]. At the end of the post there’s a brief summary of play. Barrowmaze Complete is a pretty deadly dungeon for low-level characters with a lot of party turnover if you don’t have a reasonably large player party with the support of henchmen in its original Labyrinth Lord [AL] version. This of course, is part of the fun and overall design. The Rat also makes some additional suggestions on how to go further “old school” using the new edition of D&D in the play section too.

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