Domains as Actors

Over at the Lost Pages blog, Paolo Greco is looking at developing a new game and way to run domains within fantasy games: having domains actually operate as actors during play. Domain-level play is something that many players either embrace or avoid, even although there there are some products that include rules in the core book on how to include them as options, or have the rules baked into play: from the Strongholds and Dominion rules in the Rules Cylopedia [AL], to integrating domain play as an essential part of the game setting in the Birthright Campaign Setting [AL], to entire rulebooks dedicated just to handling the warfare between kingdoms and domains such as ACKS Domains At War [AL].

Paolo’s approach focuses on the logistics and tactical aspect of settlements and what goes on within them as adventures unfold, including trade and military aspects. It’s a little more abstract and broader than many other rules, and if you’ve played any of the Civilization games then you’ll recognize some of types of perks that can be added to domains to help them operate better, but they’re also the sort of rules that can be easily automated by a computer program to run and maintain events as they unfold over multiple seasons, helping you plan out as a GM what’s going to happen as players adventure around in your world.

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