Castles & Crusades Haunted Highlands on Sale at OBS

The recently Kickstarted Haunted Highlands from Troll Lord Games is on sale at DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. Originally starting as a series of four adventure modules, the Kickstarter campaign expanded them into two distinct books: the Players Guide to the Haunted Highlands (on sale for $8.00) which contains extensive rules for playing characters from the area as well as stripped down Castles & Crusades rules, and the Castle Keepers Guide to the Haunted Highlands (on sale for $15.00) which includes extensive background on the area as well as the expanded campaign of nine adventure modules (over the original four in the DB series), as well as monster entries, demons & devils, and new magic items. Although written for Castles & Crusades, this is easily adapted to any other old school fantasy game and provides an entire campaign for play.

The PDF of the Castle Keepers Guide contains a number of maps that due to a printing error were not printed properly in the physical editions of the product.

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