Mark Rein-Hagen to Develop Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor?

According to a post over at Havard’s Blackmoor Blog, which caught the news from an official Facebook post by Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor Facebook Page, Mark Rein-Hagen, creator of Vampire: The Masquerade [AL], may be putting together new Blackmoor material. Below is a screencap of the post at the Facebook page:

DaveArnesonBlackmoorReinHagenFacebookAnnouncement OSRToday

The announcement on the Facebook page

Rein-Hagen recently has been involved with a number of Kickstarters that have had a lot of publicity around deliverables attached to the individual projects. One of the projects, I Am Zombie, has recently made it to DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL], although the physical copies of the game and the artifacts have still not been delivered yet. Another, called Democracy, ran into a number of significant problems in its delivery.

Rein-Hagen hasn’t posted any details publicly so far on his involvement or “interest” so far on this, so there’s no indication if he will develop products using Kickstarter or use some other method. Havard’s reports that CA Suleiman, who worked on the previous version of Blackmoor,  is attached to the project as well, with Rein-Hagen confirming involvement by telling the blog:

“I am a huge fan [of Blackmoor] and always have been. Was fortunate enough to meet him when I was a kid. We are going to do everything we can to bring his world back into publication.” – Havard’s Blackmoor Blog

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