Earthdawn Fourth Edition Player’s Guide

FASA have released the Earthdawn Fourth Edition Player’s Guide on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] for $22.45. This 524-page 6×9 book is a very different format from those in which the game has appeared in the past, and includes a number of rules revisions over the previous edition. The core mechanic of the game is intact, so previous products for the game, including those from the original edition should be compatible, but may need some conversion to work properly, according to the publisher. The release of this version of the game comes from the support of a Kickstarter campaign which ran in early 2014, which raised almost $110,000 of funding and was backed by over 1000 people.

Softcovers of this book have been sent to non-international backers. International backers are having their copies held until the Gamemaster’s Guide is printed to save on shipping costs, and all hardcovers are being held in the same way to save on printing costs. The book is still in layout and there is no date given for when it will be released yet. This makes running the latest version of the game a little challenging as the Gamemaster’s Guide contains the world setting and creatures.

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