The Dreams of Ruin Kickstarter and Book Release

The Dreams of Ruin by Geoffrey C. Grabowski and TG Ventures Opportunity Vehicle I LLC is a 261 page supplement for both Labyrinth Lord [AL] and Mutant Future [AL], which is using a novel approach to funding support and release. The project is running a Kickstarter to raise funds for its continued development, but the book is going to be released using a model heavily informed by open source models of development and licensing, although the book is initially being released under a Creative Commons NonCommercial NoDerivs License. The short of it is that as soon as a certain number of copies are sold to raise $100,000 or 14 years passes, the licensing will change to the standard Creative Commons License, which allows adaptation, even commercial. There’s an obvious tie-in here to the original US Copyright Act of 1790, which limited copyright to 14 years, and this is a very interesting approach in creating a product that builds on other products that already have very permissive different form of licensing under the Open Game License.

The book wasto be originally released on May 15, 2015 but has been released a couple of days early on the Dreams of Ruin website through a torrent as well as various cloud-based sharing services. The file download is a 105 mb ZIP archive that includes the main book, and folders that include handouts, the original edited manuscript in RTF format and complete no-art copies of Labyrinth Lord, the Advanced Edition Companion, and Mutant Future.

The Kickstarter is running until May 30, 2015, starting with a very low funding goal of $22. Backing the Kickstarter contributes funds towards the eventual “freeing” of the entire product, but there are also a number of stretch goals that improve the product that is currently available for download.

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