Star Wars d6 Galaxy Guide 16: The Old Republic Released

Fans of West End Games’ Star Wars d6 and Bioware’s The Old Republic MMO can finally have two of their favorite things come together with the fan release of Galaxy Guide 16: The Old Republic. Release by Mojomoe and The Rancor Pit, this fan sourcebook has been developed to give players of the Star Wars d6 game access to the Old Republic era for play and inspired by the MMO game of the same name. As with many other fan supplements that seek to continue to develop titles in the  long out of pring Galaxy Guide series, the trade dress that accompanied that series is used. Those inspired to play in the same era as the Knights of the Old Republic RPG video game will find this hefty 424 page text useful for play, as it contains everything needed including timelines, starships, planets and galaxies, characters, and details specific to the time period for play. It’s available via both a Google Docs download (PDF) and the d6 Holocron (PDF).

Found errata can be posted on a thread at the Rancor Pit.

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