Dragon Magazine Returns As A Digital App

Wizards of the Coast made a surprise announcement yesterday on April 30, 2014 with the release of the Dragon+ iOS app, which resurrects Dragon Magazine as a digital app for smart devices. The app itself is free and comes as part of Apple’s Newsstand application. All of the content for the digital interactive magazine is planned to be free, with support coming from advertising within the application itself for partners of the magazine. In the future content is planned to be general and applicable to many of the existing versions of Dungeons & Dragons, but the first issue is focused on the latest Elemental Evil plot line. Issues will be released every two months.

There is no current word about whether back content from previous issues will be made available. Wizards of the Coast has recently started to release PDF versions of Dragon and Dungeon magazine from the post D&D 3.5 days on DndClassics.com [AL], but these were all originally part of the D&D Insider program. Many older issues are sold via Paizo for the period that they had the publishing rights to the magazines, while the old TSR-era magazines exist in a state of limbo due to problems with electronic rights with some of the articles. A previously released CD-ROM of Dragon Magazine in PDF format is the only way to collect older electronic versions, but prices for these are often in three figures in the secondary market such as eBay.

An android version of the app is currently in testing and will be released soon, according to Wizards of the Coast.

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