Old School Quarterly Magazine Looking For Submissions

Old School Quarterly Magazine, which is being launched in Summer 2015 with a special Issue Zero by InfiniBadger Press (who operate OSRToday) is now accepting submissions for Issue Zero and all future issues. The magazine’s focus is on “old school”, not just those in the OSR, and the magazine has posted details on what it considers an old school game to be on its blog. A large number of OSR games will be supported by the magazine through adventures, scenarios, and other support content. In the introductory Issue Zero, there has been OSR support announced already, such as an adventure for Swords & Wizardry [AL] as well as one for the recently released Silent Legions [AL], various articles for Labyrinth Lord [AL] and other D&D-alikes, and a list of alien technologies for Mutant Future [AL]. The Submissions page has a link to a downloadable PDF for the Submission Guidelines. The Style Guide that accompanies this is still being developed. The deadline for Initial Queries for Issue Zero is May 15, and there is still some space available for contributors to submit content for this issue.

Creators and publishers who are interested in advertising in the new publication can find out more information about doing so at the Advertising page on the magazine’s website by downloading the Advertising Kit, which details the cost-effective, comprehensive, and full-featured advertising package that is available.

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