Geomorphic Beer Mats Kickstarter

Peter Regan of SquareHex and Oubliette [AL] has an already-funded Kickstarter campaign to produce Geomorphic Beer Mats that is winding down on May 3, 2015. Each of the beer mats comes with one side showing a geomorphic map that can be combined with other maps to make an actual dungeon, while the other side of the map can be used to make battle grids for miniature use. These are actual beer mats, just like you’d find in a pub, and can be drawn on with pen (an actual part of A Genuine Pub Experience). A single pack of 12 beer mats starts at around $6.15 (£4) plus shipping (included in the UK pledges). For those outside the UK, it’s actually cheaper to just buy from the SquareHex online store as the pledge levels in the Kickstarter have UK shipping built into it and International shippers don’t see any of the benefits of that.

A test run was initially issued at the SquareHex website, and Peter is offering partial refunds for the difference between the purchase price there and the Kickstarter prices.

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