Double Feature Charity Module Released on OBS

InfiniBadger Press have released a double feature charity module with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Erik Jensen’s Bonespur Glacier and Jason Paul McCartan’s The Tomb of Bashyr are available as both PWYW and a set price of $4.99 for the PDF via OneBookShelf.

Bonespur Glacier and Tomb Of Bashyr Charity Package OSRIC Cover 500px

Double Feature Charity Module Cover

Print versions will soon be available from both OneBookShelf as well as from Lulu, with those who purchase from Lulu also being able to receive a complementary copy of the electronic version of the product through InfiniBadger’s Digital+ Program. The PDF has layer support to allow switching graphics and map keys on and off, and all contributors to it provided their time and energy to the product without compensation. Artwork for the publication was provided Khairul Hisham, Glynn Seal, and Jason Sholtis. The cover art was created by Christopher Malidore. Layout was originally developed by Jez Gordon and completed by Jason Paul McCartan.

The two adventures included in this double feature were originally the winners of a contest run by Christopher “The Secret DM” Mennell back in 2012, and part of the original conversation had with those involved in the original project was that the winners would have their product packaged and professionally released with proceeds going to support charity. As happens at times, it took some time for the publication to be produced and released, eventually through InfiniBadger Press. InfiniBadger Press has set up a dedicated page at their website where all sales, proceed, and donations from proceeds of the module will be tracked and publicly viewable and reported upon each month.

Disclaimer: InfiniBadger Press (and Jason Paul McCartan) operates OSRToday.

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