Palladium Rifts To Be Published For Savage Worlds

Pinnacle Entertainment Group have announced that they are the new licensors for Palladium’s Rifts setting, issuing an official press release that they are developing the Savage Worlds [AL] game system. The initial news of a new licensee was made on Palladium’s weekly update, which led to wild speculation online about who the licensee was going to be; Palladium have traditionally been incredibly insular about their intellectual property, game systems, and settings, and licensing out such a well-known core setting is big news. Palladium will continue to develop the Rifts setting, with multiple products coming out in 2015, while the Savage Worlds version will be developed from existing material and art assets. The expected release of the core setting book for Savage Worlds will be for Christmas 2015.

The recent release of Lankhmar [AL] for Savage Worlds illustrates that older game settings are finding new homes with newer game systems. Goodman Games have also announced a license for Lankhmar for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG [AL].

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