C is for Cthulhu Digital Copy Free

Originally a Kickstarter exclusive, Jason Ciaramella and Greg Murphy’s C is for Cthulhu gorgeously illustrated picture board book is now available digitally and in print. Digital PDF copies are being given away free via a website at the moment as a promotion that drives purchasers to the purchase page for the full print product¬†for $11.99, or add in some additional options such as buttons, wall posters, and even a limited edition sketch plate. Each of the entries in the book, one for each letter, is linked to some part of the Lovecraft Mythos and¬†includes a quote relating to the entry which is humorous and for some just a little too on the nose. All you need to do to receive it is to supply your email address, where a link will be sent to download the PDF of the book. Open the link and feel the SAN Loss happen.

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