Sinister Stone of Sakkara Kickstarter Launched

Autarch have launched their new Kickstarter project The Sinister Stone of Sakkara, an adventure scenario compatible with Adventurer Conqueror King [AL] and other old school fantasy games. The adventure, the first set in the Auran Empire, is for 6-10 characters of levels 1-3, and features a starting base as well as a dungeon and a wilderness sandbox, like many of the classic TSR modules. The campaign is looking for $5,000 and is running until May 13, 2015. A number of pledge levels include the ability to purchase the core ACKS gamebook as well as Domains at War [AL]. At this time there are no stretch or bonus goals listed, although they are implied in the Risks & Challenges.

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  1. Venger Satanis April 17, 2015