One Page Dungeon Contest 2015 Open Until April 30

The One Page Dungeon Contest 2015 is open for submissions until midnight GMT on April 30, 2015. Details for submissions can be found on the linked page, but there is a large list of prizes being donated by sponsors of this year’s competition, including:

  • PDF copies of Dyson’s Delves I [AL] and Dyson’s Delve’s II [AL] by Dyson Logos
  • A PDF of winner’s choice from the Paizo store
  • A Rogue Genius Games product (TBA)
  • Several GURPS products by Steve Jackson Games
  • A subscription to 13th Age Monthly and a copy of Eyes of the Stone Thief from Pelgrane Press
  • A copy of East Texas University from Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  • A prize from Wayne’s Books
  • 10-12 small cash prizes of around $50
  • A First Place prize of $500

The three judges for the competition this year are:

  • Steve Winter
  • Martin Thomas
  • Teos Abadia
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