GNL Mats Kickstarter

GameNightLife are running a Kickstarter campaign to produce modular square- and hex-based gaming mats that can be written upon and used with “any shape of table”. The Kickstarter, which ends on April 27, 2015 is looking for $50,000 to fund successfully. The mats claim to be able to support dry erase, wet erase, liquid chalk, and permanent markers as well as allow for proper fitting on tables of all sizes while being more durable, unlike traditional vinyl battlemats from suppliers such as Chessex [AL]. There are a number of pledge levels available, allowing you to choose from different numbers of mats (5, 10, 20, 30 etc.) and styles of mats can be mixed at single pledge levels. Almost all of the backer levels, save one, are US-based only and allow for free shipping to US-based addresses; the exception is $75 “The Battle Table” level, which allows for International shipping at additional cost.

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