Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar Contest, ends May 1

At Gary Con VII, Goodman Games announced not only that they have secured a license to produce content for Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar setting for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG  [AL] but also that there is a contest that ends on May 1, 2015 allowing six winners to take part in a special playtest adventure at Gen Con 2015 in Indianapolis on July 31, 2015! There are ten questions about Fafhrd, the Grey Mouser, Lankhmar, and Nehwon that must be answered correctly to allow entering into the contest. A PDF of the offiicial questions and information on how to submit your answers can be downloaded from a special link on Google Drive:

DCCLankhmarContestGenCon Captured Page

Lankhmar Competition Rules PDF (Goodman Games)

The first Lankhmar content for Dungeon Crawl Classics will be a Lankhmar boxed set, and the playtest is for an adventure called Through Ningauble’s Cave, and is written by Michael Curtis.

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