MegaTraveller Bundle of Holding

The latest Bundle of Holding to be offered contains a collection of MegaTraveller titles. MegaTraveller is the second edition of the classic game with rules update and a task system.

The Player’s Collection, which costs $5.95 offers a selection of titles including the core books for play, while if you pay more and beat the ever-increasing threshold you can get the Referee’s Collection, which provides more books. The core books included in the Player’s Collection include the Player’s Manual, the Referee’s Manual, and the Imperial Encyclopedia.

The Player’s Collection contains the following titles:

The Referee’s Collection contains the following titles:

Buying either of the levels allows you to have the titles added to your DriveThruRPG [AL]/ RPGNow [AL] libraries, but also allows you to download the files for a limited from the Bundle of Holding website. All of the files are DRM-free. The bundle is available until Tuesday March 7, 2015.

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