FASERIP Superhero Retroclone Released

Blacky the Blackball, responsible for Dark Dungeons which is an admirable adaptation of the D&D Rules Cyclopedia [AL] has released the first draft of his latest project: an OGL clone of the original Marvel Super Heroes RPG. The draft, sans index, has been released to allow for proofing and playtesting, and weighs in at 134 pages.  As soon as all the errors have been corrected, the book will be available POD via Blacky’s Lulu store, along with his other publications.

FASERIP Front Cover

FASERIP Front Cover

Just like in the original game products, the back cover of the book includes the power ranks table:

FASERIP Back Cover

Back cover of FASERIP


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  1. Mark Gedak April 15, 2015
  2. Kit April 16, 2015