The Landsknecht Class

Over at the Land of Nod blog, John Stater has put together a new player class for The Landsknecht, a fighter variant based upon the historical mercenaries and foot soldiers. This class works within a company rather than solo like the standard fighter, and comes with a number of support characters in its personal guard who are not counted as retainers; this personal guard are added as men-at-arms with different weapons as the class levels up, turning the class into a powerful fighting force as it advances as any lost troops can be replenished when lost from settlements by purchasing them. In addition to these normal men-at-arms, specialists are added at certain other levels, further improving the ability of the company being an effective fighting force.

Overall, this is a great class for small group play where a lot of support is needed beyond main characters, but it could be very off-balancing for some games and also require a lot of book-keeping for newer players.

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