Exemplars & Eidolons Available in Print & PDF on OBS

Kevin Crawford and Sine Nomine Publishing have released Exemplars & Eidolons on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. Described as a fully-playable mini-OSR game, this is another release by Kevin showing how to put together an OSR project with the inclusion of a standalone game product as well as a set of templates for Adobe InDesign that shows how the product has been created. The included game is modeled upon Scarlet Heroes [AL] while the art is drawn from the freely available Scarlet Heroes Art Pack [AL] and the House of Bone and Amber Art Pack [AL] which Kevin graciously was able to release into the public domain as stretch goals for the Kickstarters for those projects. The PDF for Exemplars & Eidolons is free, but you can also order a print copy of it for $9.99.

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