Crypts & Things Remastered Kickstarter Live

Newt Newport has launched a Kickstarter to create a remastered version of Crypts & Things, the swords & sorcery-inspired RPG. Already open for a few days, it has reached half of its £4,000 base funding goal. Funds for the British-inspired OSR game will go towards an overhaul of the game primarily in art with artwork being streamlined through the use of a singular artist David M. Wright. Like a number of other Kickstarter projects, this one is taking advantage of OneBookShelf’s Kickstarter POD support/fulfillment and is selling pledge levels that get access to PDF versions of the finished product as well as at-cost purchasing of printing copies. The campaign is running until March 30, 2015, and stretch goals include adding more content as well as fleshing out the world setting in the game.

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