Dwimmermount Now Available in Print

The Dwimmermount megadungeon from Autarch is now available in print from OneBookShelf for both the Labyrinth Lord and Adventurer Conqueror King systems. The hefty 400+ page book costs $75.00 for a hardcover book, which can come with a free PDF. The PDF by itself is $10. Along with the main book there is also an illustration book, separate map book, and a special dungeon tracker that can be used to keep track loot, factions, and discovered areas; of these only the map book can also be ordered in print.

The retail price on the product has been raised to $75.00 to place it in line with other megadungeons as well as to allow it into distribution without it making a loss for Autarch. This was announced in an update to backers of the original Kickstarter project in December 2014.

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