Table Tuesday: Eight Toilet Monsters

Table Terror Tuesday is upon us again!  Rushing into the bathroom, you slam yourself onto the toilet. Why, oh why, did I go to Taco Lax? you wonder to yourself. Then (as if this day could get any worse) you start to hear whispering from the next stall over. You start to think that it’s not just the burritos that are going to clear your bowels…

A few things:

  • Yōkai basically means unexplained phenomenon. Here it’s normally seen as meaning demon or ghost and things like that, but in reality it can mean everything unexplained by normal means.
  • If you recognize some of the names yet the descriptions seem “wrong”, please don’t fret about it. Legends often have several variants of their telling. I’ve also edited a few so they’re more… interesting.
  • The reason I’ve put the Trickster Badger on this list is because Noppera-Bo are often mistakenly referred to as Mujina (badger) in ancient Japanese folklore.

P.S. Some monsters may not be great for kids’ games. Actually, I can guarantee that at least two yōkai on this list are not kid-friendly. Please use common sense and not scar children for life. Thank you.

Table 10: Eight Toilet Monsters

Roll Result
1 Akaname, the Filth Licker. The Akaname are red goblin-looking yōkai that feed on filth. Their saliva is poisonous, but they avoid both humans and light like the plague.
2 Hanako-san. A young ghost girl who hangs around the toilets. She’s been known to wear a red skirt and have an old-fashioned bob cut. She’s pretty passive, but she’ll spook whoever encounters her.
3 Red Mantle, Dead Mantle. An alluringly evil ghosty-goo that traps people in the bathroom by asking, “Would you like a red cape?” If the player says yes, the skin on their back is ripped clean off. If the player says no, all of the blood is drained from their body. There are a few ways to get away: Saving vs. Will and if succeeding, running away as fast as you can, saying, “No, thank you” politely (CHA check or equivalent) and walking away, or somehow tricking the evil spirit.
4 Reiko Kashima. A poor girl who was brutally attacked and left for dead in the bathroom. She managed to crawl away, but she fainted on some train tracks (or road) only to have her legs cut clean off. She now crawls through bathrooms searching for her legs. If you encounter her she’ll ask you, “Where are my legs?” If and when you answer that correctly, she’ll dissipate. If you answer incorrectly, she’ll twist your legs off.
5 Noppera-Bo, the Japanese Slenderman. They look like people except for their smooth, facial-featureless faces. This ghost appears at random (hence why it’s on the list) in bathrooms with the sole purpose of scaring the crap right out of you before you can go.
6 Hanako-san (variation). If the player is alone in the bathroom, go to A). If the player is in the bathroom with other party members, go to B).

  • A) A voice echoes throughout the room, “Would you like to be my friend? *giggle*” If the player answers yes, (s)he will be dragged into the toilet, down into hell. If the player answers no, (s)he will be chopped up into little itty-bitty bits. Mmm… Human sashimi!
  • B) Hanako will become jealous of the player’s friends and attack them first. She causes paralysis, shock (horror), and can possess people. If the person fails to save against possession, Hanako kills them in a brutal way. If only the player that summoned Hanako is left, she will give them the choice above.
7 Mujina, The Trickster Badger. While not limited to the bathroom, Mujina are yōkai that shape-shift and deceive humans (and other races, depending on what game you’re playing). They pretty much act the same as Noppera-Bo, but they’ll help you on your way if you’re willing to pay the price.
8 Akai-Kami-Aoi-Kami (Red Paper, Blue Paper). This is a hand yōkai that lives in the toilet. Wait, there’s more. If players encounter said limb, they’ll be forced to make a choice between red toilet paper and blue toilet paper. If the player chooses the red paper, they’ll either be skinned alive or their throat is slit. If they choose the blue paper, they’ll be suffocated and literally turn blue. If they choose no paper, the player will be dragged down to hell. However, it’s said that if yellow paper is chosen the person in question will be drenched in demon piss.

Look out for a new table next week!


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