Footprints Issue #22 Released

The 22nd issue of the free Footprints PDF magazine has been released by the Dragonsfoot community, and has 9 articles within its 43 pages. The articles are:

  • % in Lair by Ron Redmond
  • Charge It! by Ian Slater
  • Feelin’ Trapped by Tony Chaplin
  • Pulling Strings by Darren Dare
  • Treasure & Tables by Stuart Marshall
  • Systems & Swordplay by Stuart Marshall
  • Many a Quaint and Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore by Michael Haskell
  • Prelude to an Adventure by Steve McFadden
  • Blacktop Vale by Steve McFadden

The cover for the issue is provided by Markus Holzum.

This issue, and all of the other previous issues, are available from the normal Footprints download location at

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  1. Ron Redmond March 9, 2015