Dark Druids Available for Purchase

Guy Fullerton and Chaotic Henchmen Productions have made Robert J. Kuntz’s old school-compatible version of Dark Druids available for purchase at their website, with batches of 20 being made available at any one time to allow handling of processing and shipping. The base price of the module in print is $24.00 with an additional fee based on final location and shipping method: +$4.00 USA First Class, +$7.00 USA Priority, +$10.00 Canada First Class, +$14.00 Rest of World First Class. According to the order page if product shows as unavailable, it’s only because the batching hasn’t been updated, so ordering again later should solve that.

The original Dark Druids was written for the d20 system and published by Troll Lord Games, then updated for on old-school digital release through Pied Piper Publishing. This new version of the product boasts new art, maps, and interior editing and layout, and has been waiting on publication for some time.

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  1. Guy Fullerton February 24, 2015