Fantasy Counterpart Cultures in D&D: Mythic Greece

Ray Chapel of Quasar Knight’s Fantasy Blog has put up a post examining fantasy counterpart cultures that appear in D&D, taking a look at Mythic Greece. In the post he examines some aspects of the setting including polytheism, the city-state, the Polis, and mythical races.

Many years ago, TSR released HR6: Age of Heroes Campaign Sourcebook [AL] for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. There have been other published products that handled the setting, including Mythic Greece: The Age of Heroes [AL], which was published for Rolemaster Classic [AL] and Fantasy Hero [AL] many years ago. Although these books are old, they contain a lot of great information for those interested in running a campaign set in this particular setting. Of course, there’s also Mazes & Minotaurs, which is a complete game created around the setting which can be used for play as well.

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