Dungeons & Dragons Digital Sale at OBS until Feb 22

To celebrate their second anniversary in working with OneBookShelf and the DNDClassics.com [AL] store, Wizards of the Coast are running a massive sale on their properties on the site until Feb 22, 2015 [AL]. This includes all of titles with some running as featured titles and much larger discounts of up to 75% off. Some of the titles most of interest to old school gamers are posted below:

Featured Sales

  • Rules Cyclopedia  – $24.95 $4.95DriveThruRPG [AL] RPGNow [AL]This is a great deal for a comprehensive book that is an almost complete updated compendium of the BECM boxed sets.

Normal Sales

As the sale progresses, updates to feature items will be listed here on this post, so be sure to bookmark it and look for changes or follow the comments on the page.

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