G4-9 Fan Giant Modules Available to Download

Tenkar made the announcement yesterday at Tenkar’s Tavern that Robert Pinnell’s G4-G9 series of modules, intended to act as a continuation and conclusion of the original Dungeons & Dragons G1-G3 Against the Giants [AL] modules, are available to download for free by permission of Robert (Thork Hammer).

The modules included in the series are:

  • G4: Sanctum of the Stone Giant Lord
  • G5: Curse of the Cloud Giant Queen
  • G6: Forge of the Fomorian Smith Lord
  • G7: Giants in the Deep
  • G8: Manor of the Mountain Giant King
  • G9: Secret of the Swamp Giant Steward

The files are available to download from a Google Drive link via Tenkar’s Tavern or on a mirrored Wild Games Productions article page.

These modules were published some time ago by Robert when he had a Lulu storefront, but he wound that down some time ago. A listing of the works that Robert has created over the years has been partially compiled on the Acaeum thread where he announces this.

The modules can still be purchased via DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] for $4.50, so if you’d like to show support to Robert for the work he has done in the past as well as have a copy of the adventure items in your OBS library, you can.

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