Big Surprises in the Woods…

Alasdair Cunningham, of the Iron Rations Blog, has put together a very comprehensive post detailing what can happen in the forests near Swamp City and Nazawrath. Not only do you have to deal with nasty monsters called Ghillies, but you may also encounter Jack in the Green, the Wildman of the Woods, and even the great deity Herne the Hunter.

There’s a lot more in this huge post, and one of the things I love about the stuff that Alasdair creates is that it touches on a lot that is familiar to me (as we both share much of the same heritage and influences) but then he manages to put clever twists on that to make them unfamiliar. Which makes them ideal to drop into play in games with people who expect the familiar.

Alasdair contributes to OSRToday, sharing his fiction with us on Fiction Friday.

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