Wandering Wednesday: Snobolds

Small and fleet of foot, Snobolds have spent many years adapting to the colder climates that their cousin Kobolds deign not to travel through. Through they wrap themselves from head to toe in furs and heavy woolen jackets and pants to withstand the intense cold from the snow-covered mountains that they lair in, they still remain fast and agile, having adapted to understanding how to make use of the snow as a way to not only track targets but to trap them as well. Like their cousins, they are canny and cunning, and hunt in packs, using strength of numbers to overcome. Perfectly adapted to the winter weather, they rely on using short weapons made from the bones of larger animals and have perfected the ability to make powerful and dangerous snowballs and iceballs which they can throw with great accuracy. Snobolds lair in caves if they can, but they also will make deep tunnel complexes in deep and strong snow banks, much like rabbit or other animal warrens, that contain multiple rooms for different functions. Snobolds will also dig into the snow and then cover themselves up in it, leaving a small air gap to breathe through when ranging. During harsh storms this will help protect them from elements, but it also allows them to leap out and surprise others.


Alignment: Chaotic
No. Encountered: 2d6, 6d6 tribe
Move: 120′ (40′)
Level Dice: 1 hit dice
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Attacks: 1 weapon (1d6) or snowball (1d3) or iceball (1d6)
Special Attacks: See below
Save: F0
Special Abilities: See below
Loot: See below

Special Movement: Having become adapted to the snow, Snobolds have developed a fast and unique way of moving quickly through deep snow. While others find themselves hindered by deeper snow Snobolds do not, and are able to move at their normal movement rate . This is due to their unique hopping and leaping gait that allows them to leap up out of the snow and forward in a single bound up to their full movement rate in a single leap. Snobolds often move in trains with scouts leading the way and those behind stepping where others have stepped.

Special Attacks: Snobolds always carry small sacks with them that have 2d4 prepared iceballs in them. These iceballs are made by taking normal snowballs and allowing the exterior to melt multiple times to change to ice. This is sometimes helped along by urinating on the outside of the snowball/iceball, giving the iceballs different hues from off-white through yellow to deep amber. Although everyone in a Snobold tribe knows how to do make iceballs, there are usually a number of dedicated artisans who share responsibility for creating and stockpiling this ammunition, which is stored in one of the lair’s rooms.

In addition to the iceballs, they can make snowballs from the surrounding snow as needed, making one and throwing it during the same round. While snowballs do less damage, there’s almost an infinite amount of ammunition around.

Snobolds are also especially sneaky and will hide inside and under snow, gaining concealment until they are ready to attack. When leaping from the snow against a surprised opponent, they get a +2 bonus on their first attack. Often a number of Snobolds will attack at the same time, barraging enemies with iceballs then disappearing back into the deep snow.

Snobolds throw snowballs and iceballs with a natural +2 bonus to attack.

Special Abilities: Snobolds are hardy creatures and have become inured to most of the effects of cold and wintry temperatures. They gain a +3 bonus to all saves relating to cold weather effects.

Loot: Snobolds carry very little upon then, preferring to keep any of their possessions in their lairs. Because they live in barren and cold areas, they are attracted mostly to foodstuffs and exotics that are difficult to find in their natural habitat. Often a single room in the lair is full of captured metal weapons, armors, or other items (often coins). Sometimes these are in good repair. Due to the nature of cold upon metal, the Snobolds do not use them, but keep them because they offer a contrast against the stark whiteness of their environment.


Disclaimer:  The Snobold was inspired by a Google+ post by Stuart Robertson and the linked video below. Forrest Aguirre came up with the idea of Snow Kobolds during the conversation thread, with Andrew Chason shortening that to simply Snobolds. Snobolds are open content. 

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