The Paladins Series by David Dalglish 4-book Bundle Sale $0.99 on Kindle, ends Feb 7

Paladins as a class in old school games often get short shrift, but can be fun to play. They’re also the class of the two main protagonists in the 4-book Paladin Series by David Dalglish, which is currently on sale in Kindle format until February 7, 2015 for $0.99 [AL]. In this series, two Paladins of opposing gods who faiths are broken must join forces to overcome a man who wishes to become a god and enslave the world.

The series contains four titles:

  1. Night of the Wolves [AL]
  2. Clash of Faiths [AL]
  3. The Old Ways [AL]
  4. The Broken Pieces [AL]

David also is currently offering the first book in the series FREE [AL] , so if you want to see if this series is for you, you can check it out. David’s website lists all of his available books as well as clean versions of the cover art to his books, drawn by Peter Ortiz, who does some fantastic work.

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