InfiniBadger Press Print Release Sale Promotion @ Lulu, ends Feb 8

InfiniBadger Press have released print editions of their Vignette Scenario modules VS1: The Caves of Ortok and VS2: Bearing a Grudge via their webstore at Lulu. For a limited time, through February 8, 2015, an introductory 20% discount is being offered on purchases of the print products. Each of the products qualifies for the Digital+ Program offered by the small press, which offers digital editions to go along with first-party print purchases purchased via on-demand, convention, or retail sales.

Each of the two titles are available in three different editions for the game system of your choice: Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, and OSRIC.

  • VS1: The Caves of Ortok costs $7.99 in print, but is $6.39 during the sale
  • VS2: Bearing A Grudge costs $9.99 in print, but is $7.99 during the sale

Additionally, digital versions of these products sold via DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] are being discounted by 33% during the same time period on individual titles. This is to help in the transition to a new pricing policy, as announced on the InfiniBadger Press website blog today.

Print versions of the products will be offered through OneBookShelf shortly.

Disclaimer: InfiniBadger Press owns and operates OSRToday.

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