Random Thursday: John Brown’s Bag of Stinky Socks

Ever wonder what happens to those missing socks when you do a load of laundry?

This magic item was originally created by my daughter for use in one of her games of Dungeon World [AL], but I’ve tweaked it a little bit and added in some specific types of sock projectiles.

John Brown’s Bag of Stinky Socks

Like a strange mutated version of the Bag of Holding, John Brown’s Bag of Stinky Socks (BoSS) connects to a pocket universe, one that collects all of the socks that disappear when pairs go into the laundry, thereby creating an infinite supply of socks that can be drawn from the bag. The bag always weighs the same at around 5 lbs and is made from leather, with a double drawstring cord at the top to seal the top.  There socks that are contained within the BoSS come in many different shapes, colors, and designs, but there are a number of additional effects that the socks may have. Socks can be thrown up to 10′ as missile weapons, and the effects wear off as soon as contact is made with a target. It’s possible to draw a specific type of sock from the BoSS with enough practice, although there’s a 10% chance that sock is unavailable at that time, requiring a random roll to be made to find what is pulled out instead. If the BoSS is dropped or knocked to the ground, there is a 25% chance that 1d4 random socks will fall out of the bag of their own accord, landing in a pile.

Bag of Stinky Socks

Roll Result
1 Acid damage. Causes 1d4 acid damage each round until removed. Removal causes another 1d4 damage.
2 Fungus. The sock has a nasty fungus or mold in it. Roll randomly to see what type.
3 Sticky. This sock is supremely sticky and causes anything that touches it to stick to it. It requires acetone or strength to break the bond.
4 Nauseating stench. Roll under CON on a d20 or be nauseated for 1d4 rounds, with -2 to all actions.
5 Antiathlete’s foot. Causes slow movement for 1d6 rounds, reducing movement by 50%.
6 Starch heavy. Almost like a boomerang, this sock can be thrown and does 1d8 damage per strike. Lasts for 1d6 strikes before breaking.
7 Sock monkey. An actual sock monkey (1HD, 1d6 bite, Mv 120’/40′) that can pull 1d3 additional socks from the bag and thrown them itself.
8 Garlic sock. Full of garlic bulbs, this can be thrown for 1d4 damage, or additional damage against Vampires.
9 Puppet. The sock is animated for the next 1d4+2 rounds, attacking for 1d4 damage against the target it has been thrown at.
10 Roll twice.
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