The Ruins of Haunted Hill Charity Module Giveaway (US Only)

Fred Dailey, the illustrator of the adventure module The Ruins of Haunted Hill, is running a special promotion for some leftover copies specially put aside for OSRToday readers. Originally created for a local charity to him called Save Vs Hunger,  Fred is offering to send one of the remaining copies free in the US to anyone who accepts his challenge of donating in some way to a food-based charity (such as a food bank, Meals on Wheels etc.). Below is a full size copy of the full cover:

The Ruins of Haunted Hill cover (Fred Dailey on G+)

To get one of these limited edition printings, you need to be one of the first SIX people to fill in the form below with your US mailing address, and to agree to give to charity as Fred requests; as Fred says in his post, it’s on the honor system, so only do this if you mean to help out.

Contact Details

UPDATE: There are currently no copies left to be claimed, so this offer is no longer available.

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