Wandering Wednesday: Marsh Zombie

Not your normal garden-variety zombies, these foul creatures have been interred deep with marshes for some time, which has given them some added abilities including the ability to travel through the marsh itself as well as to use the marshes to restore their bodies when they have taken damage. Many of these start out simply as lost travellers who drown in the marshes but swamps and marshes have been always been ideal places to dispose of bodies quickly and easily by the criminal element. Not all bodies that sink into a marsh become a Marsh Zombie though; there must first be a source of evil, or a perversion of something good in or near the marshes that can lead to the creation of them. Until the eradication of that source and everything created by it, any body falling into marsh nearby has the potential to become a Marsh Zombie.

Marsh Zombie

Alignment: Chaotic
No. Encountered: 1d6
Move: 120′ (40′)
Level Dice: 2 hit dice
Armor Class: 8 [11]
Attacks: 2 claws (1d4)
Special Attacks: See below
Save: F1
Special Abilities: See below
Loot: See below

Special Movement: Marsh Zombies can spend a round to descend into their marshy surroundings. Once in the marsh, they can travel at half their speed within any adjoining marsh as long as they wish. It takes them another round to emerge fully from the marsh. While traveling through the marsh, the healing rules below apply.

Special Attacks: Marsh Zombies may grab and pull the unsuspecting down into the marsh with them. With a successful grapple attack a target is grabbed and held and slowly pulled under into the marsh. It takes 1d4+1 rounds for a target to be fully submerged. Multiple Marsh Zombies may grab onto a target, reducing the number of rounds by one for each joining in.

Special Abilities: Being submerged in the marsh heals Marsh Zombies. For every round that they are fully submerged and above 0 hit points, they heal 1 hit point up to their maximum.

When reduced to 0 hit points, Marsh Zombies will stop attacking but they are not destroyed. If they are in contact with marsh, they will sink into the marsh over 2d6 rounds, and begin to heal once within the marsh.

Placing a silver coin on each of a Marsh Zombie’s eyes will cause it to deactivate completely. Removing the coins will reactivate it. Piercing both of a Marsh Zombie’s eyes with silver weapons will instantly drop the Marsh Zombie to 0 hit points, disabling it. The only true way to destroy a Marsh Zombie is to disable it with silver coins, wait for it to dry out and then burn it.

Loot: None.


Disclaimer:  The Marsh Zombie is one of many creatures that are appearing in the Mountains of Kaban Special Series released by InfiniBadger Press. It has also been published in Another Bunch of Content #4 [AL] as Open Game Content.

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