Runequest Archive Products Being Retired at OBS by Jan 18

According to a blog post over at the Hearts In Glorantha blog, all of the old RuneQuest Archives products at DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] are being retired this weekend by January 18, 2015. This is due to streamlining of the product line. Each of these products sell for $1.00.

Lawrence Whitaker had this to say:

Just to let people know, we’ll be retiring the RQ Archives, which is where all the old $1 PDFs are available, this coming weekend (17/18th Jan). We’re looking at streamlining the RQ trademark which is currently split over MRQ, MRQ2 and RQ6. Although we could, in theory, keep these titles on DTRPG forever, this is part of a wider brand evaluation for both RQ and Glorantha.

So if you want to get these PDFs from the RQ Archives, do so now because they won’t be around for much longer. – RPGSite post

If you have been looking at picking any of these products up, now would be the time, as they will stay in your library once the products have been retired. Included in this collection is the excellent campaign Pavis Rises [AL] and the excellent Vikings [AL] and Empires [AL] sourcebooks.

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