Mythoard January is full of OSR Goodness

The January Mythoard contributors have been announced and it contains a plethora of old school gaming goodness. Signups for this month, the first real month of operation after the December Beata, are open until January 20, 2015. Included this month are products from:

Each month Mythoard sends a box of gaming product to your door for a set price, which is discounted if you pay for a longer subscription. A month’s subscription costs $24.00 US or $35 for Europe and Canada. $17 of this is the actual cost for the month’s product, which is substantial savings on a lot of the products included in the monthly bundle. Payments are accepted by Paypal.

A special promotion this month includes the MEGA HOARD, which is a HUGE bundle of Engine Publishing products which will go to ONE lucky subscriber. To be eligible to be entered into the drawing for that, you must be a subscriber to Mythoard by January 21, 2015.

Mythoard Engine Publishing MegaHoard January 2015

Engine Publishing Mega Hoard

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