5 Despicable Ways to Kill Player Characters

Everyone wants the chance to be a killer GM/DM at some point, right? Over at Simple DND, Alan B shares five ways to earn that label, and if you do things right you can include all of them in the same session. Each of these are perennial favorites of many GMs (including myself), but as much as they may be overused in some games, sometimes they are underused or not used in novel ways, particularly in urban environments. One of my favorite uses of yellow mold (one of the items mentioned) in the past was having goblins carrying bags of it that would burst open when thrown against hard surfaces. Of course, sometimes this worked in their favor, but mostly didn’t. Hilarity always ensued.

Alan also opens up the comments asking others what types of hazards other GMs have used in games, so feel free to pop along and share with him your thoughts on this.

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