Torg Bundle of Holding

The latest Bundle of Holding offering that was announced yesterday is large bundle for the classic multi-genre game of reality mashing known as Torg. Originally published in 1990 by West End Games and now held by Ulisses Spiele, the game allows you to play Storm Knights with the ability to alter reality, as a number of different realities all attempt to not only take a foothold on Earth but consume and overake it. The lower end offering at the bundle, the Player’s Collection costs $9.95 and comes with the following titles:

If you pay for the upgrade to the next level, the Gamemaster’s Collection, by beating the threshold, you gain the following titles as well:

Purchasing this bundle requires linking it to your DriveThruRPG [AL] or RPGNow [AL] account as all of the titles are held in your library there immediately after purchase. Ten percent of all proceeds from this Bundle of Holding will be going to the two charities Doctors Without Borders and Barenherz Stiftung Kinderhospiz, Wiesbaden.

As an aside, the name of the game comes from the working title for the project, which was The Other Roleplaying Game.

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