d30 Sandbox Companion Secret Sale at OBS until Jan 10

New Big Dragon Games Unlimited are running a “Secret” sale on the d30 Sandbox Companion at DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL] until January 10, 2014 using a very special discount link (already included in the AL Links). This discount drops the price of the product during the sale to $2.95 and places it directly into your cart. This is the lowest price it has even been in digital format.

The d30 Sandbox Companion is the ideal tool for GMs to help design and populate sandbox settings and can b used to help build hexes, settlements, parties, encounters, and events before and during play.

This is the sort of product that you could find out about by email as soon as OSRToday finds out about it if you join the Flash Sales mailing list here at the site.





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