Wandering Wednesday: The Candle Creep

“Not all lights in the dark are friendly” -Dungeon proverb

“I’ve only ever heard stories about this one. All of them nasty. The only thing I have to say about this so called ‘candle creep’ is that if you encounter one, don’t snuff out its candle” -Saul Spidermin, scholar

Candle Creep

The Candle Creep (Kiel Chenier)

The candle creep is a dungeon dwelling monstrosity notable for having a red candle affixed to its head. How or why such a thing came to be is unknown. The candle creep shuns all light but its own, attacking any light source other than itself. Lanterns, torches, magical lights, all are potential targets for the candle creep. They have even been seen rushing headlong into campfires, stomping them out, undeterred by the flames. It uses its long razor-like claws to slash at nearby prey. Candle creeps are solitary monsters, and groupings of them have yet to be seen. It is believed that their kind cannot stand each other, for they shun each other’s light.

A candle creep’s candle flame is resilient, even against strong winds, it is not impervious to being put out. Adventurers do so at their own peril, however. When a candle creep’s flame is extinguished it flies into a frenzy, immediately attacking anything nearby.

  • Threat level: high
  • Armour Class: 17 or 3
  • Hit Dice: 8
  • Speed: Same as human
  • Abilities and Saves: 3 better than average goblinoid
  • Resistances: Immune to fire damage.
  • Appears near: Underground strongholds and abandoned fortresses. Dark and unlit dungeons are a favourite.
  • Drops treasure: sometimes.
  • Tactics: Candle Creeps can cast the ‘Darkness’ spell up to 1d4+2 times per day. The light of a candle creep’s candle can pierce this darkness, but only to the candle creep’s eyes. They get two claw attacks per round, and their claws deal greatsword damage. If a candle creep’s candle is extinguished (a difficult feat), it gets an immediate free attack against the nearest creature. Its claws now deal double damage.
  • Weaknesses and Strategy: Candle Creeps are vulnerable to cold damage. Candle Creeps have terrible vision. They are at a severe disadvantage to spot creatures who are not illuminated. Once a candle creep’s candle has been extinguished, it can only continue to live for another 1d10+1 rounds before falling unconscious.

Random Candle Creep Facts (d6):

  1. Folklore says that if you find a candle creep asleep with its candle unlit, you can light it and receive a wish.
  2. If three or more candle creeps are gathered together, their bodies fuse together, combining to form a Candelabra Creep.
  3. The wax of their candles is made from elf blood, giant wasp wax, and the fat of dead queens.
  4. If you pull the candle off of a candle keep’s head (it’s attached to its brain), and light it in front of a grave under a new moon, it will cast ‘Raise Dead’ on the body in the grave.
  5. Candle Creeps were once dwarven miners who lost their way in the deep dark underground of the world. They shed their beards and used the hair as their candle wicks.
  6. Candle Creeps eat nothing but coal, charcoal, onyx, sulphur, and other dark stones that don’t catch the light. The contents of their stomachs have a 1-50% chance of holding a small treasure hoard, and a 51-100% chance of holding volatile materials, exploding when pierced.


Copyright 2014 Kiel Chenier.

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