GOG Winter Sale including flash sales on games and movies such as Dark Dungeons

GOG.com have launched their Winter Sale, which includes savings on a number of games and movies, much like their previous Fall Sale. This sale runs until December 15, 2014 and currently has a number of flash sales running on the front page.

At the opening of the sales today this included not only games but the RPG-related Dark Dungeons Kickstarter movie that was available for $1.99 instead of the normal price of $5.99. The movie is normally on sale for $5.00 on the main Dark Dungeons The Movie website, with the extras costing $2.50 but you can get some of those extras also via your puchase at GOG.

There are sure to be a number of savings on other old school games and RPG-related movies during this sale, so you may want to keep an eye on the front page for them. There are also daily deals, such as the Ultimate D&D Collection for $21.10, shown below. As with many other GOG package deals, if you already own some of the titles in the package, the package is discounted already for you.


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