Feral Infant Syndrome

Over at Goblin Punch, Arnold K. has written up an interesting malady called Feral Infant Syndrome that you can include in your own games. There are a couple of interesting game ideas here that can be used to make for unique campaigns, and it puts a new twist on presenting moral situations to players and seeing how they react; it’s one thing to kill goblin babies, but how about killing babies of the same race as you? In many forms of literature and entertainment, the death of a baby or child is a complex issue that usually has social ramifications, but what if the child is infected with something that causes it to be evil or to cause damage to society such as a virus or plague? As Arnold says in his post:

“Feral babies don’t need much lore, other than “Although they are feral babies who bite out the bottoms of your pockets, they are someone’s babies and you probably can’t just kill them the way you would kill a rabid dog.”

They occupy the same monster-space as urban imps or gremlins.  Run around, break shit, kill pets, despoil food.  However, their logic is (maybe) a little more straightforward than an urban gremlin, plus they have the complication that people won’t thank you for killing them.  Also, they’re babies who hide in cupboards and throw knives at you.”

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