Chris Kutalik has put together an index of his Pointcrawl series of posts over at the Hill Cantons blog. Pointcrawls are an alternative to Hexcrawls that link locations that would normally be located within hexes rather than drawing up full hexes; visually they look different and logistically they operate in a different manner. Hexcrawls are meant to be explored serially from hex to hex and leave lots of room for GMs to develop additional content and encounters, while Pointcrawls already have points or nodes that can be visited directly from one point to another, often skipping through large areas that don’t need to be explored. Chris gives a great example in his first post explaining the Pointcrawl concept and shares some maps with us:

Typical map for a Pointcrawl (Chris Kutalik, Hill Cantons blog)

The great thing about the points in Pointcrawls is that they can be laid inside of  hexes, as Chris points out in one of the posts in the series, so you can actually make use of both of them in your games.

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