Wandering Wednesday: Creeping Eye

The creeping eyes are, just as the name implies, a massive, swiveling, unblinking eye suspended from gigantic, crab-like legs. Having been created as plague-carriers of a forgotten god of disease, they have increased in size over hundreds of generations into the twisted parody of  life that they are today.



MOVE: 24″
% IN LAIR: 100%
NO. OF ATTACKS: 2 or special
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2-7/2-7 + save vs disease
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil
SIZE: M (5′)

Special Attacks: The creeping eye most often attacks with its front, crab-like legs. It’s pinchers drip foul corruption that issues from pus filled cracks in the carapace covering of the claws. There is a 25% chance that victims struck with the claws will also become infected with hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms will show in 1-4 days and death will follow in another 7 days unless treated with a cure disease.. Twice per day the creeping eye can fire a paralyzing cone from its pupil. Characters struck must save vs paralyzation or be paralyzed for 1-6 rounds.

Special Defenses: With its abnormally large field of vision for a creature its size, and its ability to rotate its gaze in any direction with its pupil seeming to move independently of the eye itself, the creeping eye cannot be surprised. In addition, it has no sensory input for sound, smell, or taste and is immune to effects that are dependent on those senses. It does have a sense of touch and can also detect vibrations in the ground, allowing them to seek out invisible targets with a reduction in penalty (-2 instead of -4).

Creeping eyes travel in small family groups and rarely (if ever) collect into packs larger than four. Driven by a racial memory of their original purpose, the creeping eyes will attack anything not already infected with disease. Once a creature is successfully infected, the creeping eyes will shift their efforts to a new target. Often victims do not understand the reasoning for this until it is too late and the infection is spreading through their body. Being creations of a forgotten god, the creeping eyes do not feed in a normal sense. Instead, creatures slain through their infection strengthen and sustain them all. Quite literally, the creatures must spread their plague so that they may continue to breed and survive. Creeping eyes have normal infravision (60′ range).

While the armored legs of the creeping eye are relatively difficult to injure (AC 5), the eye itself is still fairly exposed (AC 8) and can be individually targeted. The eye portion carries a full half of the creeping eye’s hit points with the remainder of its hit points divided amongst its legs as evenly as possible should the party attempt to target particular portions of the beast. With its multitude of legs, the loss of a single leg is not a major inconvenience for the creatures. Moving with a surprising degree of speed, the creeping eye is merely inconvenienced by the loss of a leg. The loss of a movement oriented leg (of which there are six) reduces the creature’s movement by 5″. If taken down to one leg, and still alive, the creeping eye is no longer able to move.


NOTE: The creeping eye was created for the forthcoming adventure, the Ruined Temple of Pah Tri Kage,  originally run and play-tested at Dungeon Games in Estero, FL. It is not open content.

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