The Mountains of Kaban: An Overview

As posted previously, the Mountains of Kaban will be an ongoing series at OSRToday. Each of the hexes will be published here on the site over the coming weeks and then finally collected into a revised publication that will be released as a POD and PDF product.


The intro to the Hexcrawl was published at the same time as the main map, and is reproduced below:

Deep in the heart of the Outlands, the Mountains of Kaban are spoken of in hushed tones and fearful whispers. The great dragon that sleeps at the heart of the volcano and gives its name to the mountain is said to be able to hear whenever its name is spoken aloud. Those who have its attention drawn upon them are said to have one rising of the moon left for life as the creature travels to wherever they may be, appearing before them in the guise of someone who they once loved and lost before it slays them. This is why today people speak only of The Mountains. And, of course, the great treasure that the dragon has allegedly amassed within its lair deep in the volcano. The treasure brings the greedy, the covetous, the ambitious. Adventurers.

Throughout this Hexcrawl of 18 hexes, we’re going to provide descriptions of each of the hexes with lots of tables, additional dungeons and places to explore, new monsters, and everything you’ll need to run a mini-sandbox campaign. Of course, you don’t need to use any of this, and can feel free to populate the map with as much or as little of our content as you feel you want to.

The Hexes

Each of the hexes are 30 miles from edge to edge, and are further broken down into multiple 5 mile subhexes in the individual entries detailing them. Each of the smaller subhexes will also use a co-ordinate system, but only hexes that are pre-populated with items of interest will be described. There will be plenty of empty space for you to add your own content.

Each hex has been given its own name as well so that you can easily refer to it without having to know its hex co-ordinates.

The Mountains of Kaban Hex Map OSRToday

The Mountains of Kaban Hex Map

The following list gives all of the hex names in order, and links will be added as each hex is added to the site:

  • 1-1: The Sands of Na’Tuana
  • 1-2: The Cave of the Torabak
  • 1-3: Village of the Kualan
  • 1-4: Ruins of Tala Shar
  • 2-1: The Wastelands
  • 2-2: The Dragon’s Claw
  • 2-3: The Evermarsh
  • 3-1: The Wound
  • 3-2: The Volcano
  • 3-3: The Ashweep
  • 3-4: Grathen Keep
  • 4-1: The Titan’s Skull
  • 4-2: The Fire Forest
  • 4-3: The Forest of Nelroth
  • 5-1: The Tower of Zalash
  • 5-2: The Stones of Forgh
  • 5-3: The Greenway
  • 5-4: Caem Lamlash

The Mountains of Kaban is not currently open content.

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