Jez Gordon’s The Land Beyond Beyond Maps PWYW for 48 hours

Jez Gordon, who does amazing cartography, artwork, and layout has released the first of his The Land Beyond Beyond maps series and is making them PWYW for the first 48 hours. The first map in the series is The Shattered Continent and is available via both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. Jez is also offering a discount based on how much you pay for this initial product: if you pay more than $10 for the map, then you’ll get 10% of all future maps, and $20 gets you 20% off all future maps! These poster-sized maps are 17 x 12 inches (A3) in size and are interactive, allowing you to switch on lots of layered elements including scales, grids, names, labels, and icons – and you can change all the names to customize the map for your own purposes, which is hellaciously clever idea. There’s even a black and white version of the map included if you don’t want to go full color.

Here’s a sample of the full color map without any custom labels added:

TheLandBeyondShatteredContinentJezGordon Color Small

Map 1 The Shattered Continent by Jez Gordon


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